The comparison is only to showcase Extract's ability but not to demean our competitors who motivated us to build a better system.
we want to be real and really competitive..

..let's do it

Section Features ExtractTable pdftoexcel pdftables docparser
Input Text PDF
Scan PDF
Misc Handwritten/OCR detection
Idempotent Handler
Accuracy Details
Credits Price/1000 29$ 49$ 40$ 99$
Min Credits to Buy 50 - 1000 100
Validity 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 month
Consumption/Page 1 1 - 1-5
On Bad output

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Detailed Output Comparison

Note that the detailed output comparison is performed only on Images/ Scanned PDFs because we do not find a reason to compare the text-PDF extraction to excel as they already supported by FREE OSS libraries.