How to Convert the PDF to Excel to Excel on the browser

  1. Get an API key by purchasing credits from the pricing section
  2. pdf to tables pricing section
  3. Go to the Web-Pro page and enter your API Key
  4. Enter API Key for extracttable
  5. Upload the input PDF from which tables are to be extracted
  6. upload PDF for tables extraction
  7. It may take at least 20 seconds to process a PDF. On average, a 10-page PDF may take 1-2 minutes to finish. PDFs with more number of pages take more time
  8. After some time (within 24 hours), check the Transactions History by clicking on the “View Transactions” button on the same page
  9. check transactions
  10. The “View Transactions” click will return all your past 24-hour transactions, the files triggered for PDF to Excel conversion
  11. download tables extracted from PDF
  12. Click on the “Download” to download the Excel output
  13. To change the output setting, go to the top of the page and toggle as per your need
  14. table output options