API to extract tabular data from images and PDFs


Just It.

No Setup

No Templates

No Expiry

No Catchy Quotes

No Idempotence

Why Us

AI Powered

not just to detect characters, table structure as well

Instant Output*

powered with high compute scalable machines to process requests

Watch Out

Filter out the idempotent requests. No oops moments


webhook alert. Email output link. Open to build more, lets discuss

Keep Track

track the extraction progress - retrieve result - not just once


NO Set-up. NO Templates. NO expiry*.


Price: 0.02 to 0.0145 USD per Credit (1 image or 1 PDF page)
Valid: Purchased credits never expire, unless inactive for an year
OK, Lets calculate!

we do not want to have minimum credits(100) purchase, but payment gateways takeaway 0.5$ + 4.4% per TXN.

Happy to offer you some promotional credits to trail

Frequently Asked Questions

1 credit per processed PDF page or image. No strings attached.

We care about your privacy, just like any of FAANG companies. LOL, not really like them. We do not share/resell/need/use/consume your data

Secured, cloud, restricted access by resource at functional level, all on AWS.

Oh, btw, Heard Equifax? Not that dumb or at least our IT guy thinks like it!!

This is for hackers:
  • 1. We use Stripe/Paypal, so no payment info saved
  • 2. Small file are processed on go. Big files are deleted as soon as our AI model receive it as input
  • 3. If you are still hustling here, Click on that "I made 100K from home" ad

Forget about "frequently asked", the secret is no one, but you, know we exists.

Feel free to drop an email at brain@extracttable.com, will be happy to answer them.

Of course, we do, not just on bulk, for any number of credits.

Infact, better match offer than BestBuy. 10% discount on top of the price you show up with